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Our Monkey Pod Stools are beautiful pieces of furniture that are hand carved by Thai craftsmen. Made of a tropical tree called the Monkey Pod Tree, these handcrafted stools are fashioned from a single block of wood. Since each one is carved by hand, no two are exactly alike, making each stool a unique masterpiece. Not only is the carving unique but also the block of wood it is carved from - the grain, color and shade variations make your stool different from every other one.

There are many designs of our monkey pod stools to choose from. You may like a more square shape like the Windows Hand-Carved Monkey Pod Stool or the Block Solid Wood Stool. For those who like twists and curves, there are various designs of our Monkey Pod Stools that incorporate these more flowing designs that plays on the imaginative, artistic right side of the brain. Whether you pick the Vine Twist Monkey Pod Stool or the Double Twist Solid Wood Stool, your home will never be the same with these lovely imports from the country of Thailand.

There are many different uses for these Monkey Pod Stools. They may be used to prop up your feet when you're sitting on your favorite chair, or as an end table beside you to hold your coffee and your favorite snack. How about a different Monkey Pod Stool/Stand beside each chair or sofa in your living room? Now that would make it truly unique! These solid wood stands also make great plant stands and stands to hold lights or other home decor. They make great stools for a table in a breakfast or coffee nook. In the bathroom for towels, washcloths or decorative items, in the bedroom for your alarm clock and that book you're reading, in the den for a rustic look only a solid wood import like these stools could give!

Bookstack Hand Carved End Table

Our Bookstack Hand Carved End Table is a neat Thai-Asian creation that makes a great conversation piece. The living room is a good area to place this end table, it can have many uses there and everyone will be able to see it. This design makes a great addition to the den, the bedroom and of course, the library! Also carved from a single block of wood, this appealing piece of art is a sturdy end table that is as solid as it is pretty and will look lovely wherever you decide to place it.