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Beautiful Imported Exotic Solid Teak Dining Room Sets

Indoor Teak Dining Room Sets

Our indoor Teak dining room sets are works of art that would make any household proud. They both are made of solid Teak Wood and handcrafted by skilled Thai furniture makers. Six Teak Wood chairs are included in the set and match in theme and design with their tables. Teak is an extremely durable yet very beautiful exotic wood and in this case is grown sustainably on Teak farms in Thailand.

The round Teak dining room set features a lighter finished wood of a warm, honey-gold tone and shows off it's intricate, hand carved skirting and matching carvings in it's base. Included is a solid Teak Wood revolving lazy susan to easily make available all the condiments to everyone seated at this circular Teak table. This Teak lazy susan is easily removeable to give space for more table room. The six Teak Wood chairs feature tasteful Asian fabric on their seats as well as the delicate carvings in their curved backs, matching the carvings on the table.

The rectangular Teak Wood dining room set is angular, more simply built and of a more rustic, unembellished nature. It's beauty is of a different nature, quiet, solid-looking and with a rich but darker finish. Built with firm, thick legs, this dining room table speaks of steady solidarity that will stand the test of time so you can enjoy it's practical beauty for years to come.

Outdoor Teak Dining Set

The Teak Wood Outdoor Dining Set is a natural, rustic piece of beauty that is durable enough to withstand the rigors of rain and sun to provide years of use and enjoyment. The table top, bench seats and backs are made of teak planks, long slices of wood that show the grain of this attractive imported teak. Most of the rest of the table and benches is made of the natural, unsawn lumber as it grew when a tree. This Teak table set would make a wonderful addition to your patio, porch, backyard or wooded area for many hours of enjoyment of nature's beauty, not only the beauty of your own home but that of faraway Thailand, fashioned into your dining set. If you love the outdoors, and love entertaining friends and family, this lovely teak set is for you. Whether you prefer serving simply, like lemonade and finger foods, or going big with a full dinner and candle light, you'll love sharing the charm of this authentic, handcrafted Thai Teak dining set. This set consists of a table and two benches, other items in pictures are not included.

Teak Root Small Dining/Breakfast Set

Made of solid Teak Root Wood, this small, charming dining set consists of a table and four stools. The table top, like our Teak Root Coffee Tables (shown in background), is sawn from a large piece of Teak Root Wood, with the edges left naturally somewhat jagged - very beautiful! Extremely durable and weather resistant, Teak Root is used by the people of Thailand to fashion an array of beautiful things for people like us to enjoy. Since Teak Root is even more enduring than regular Teak Wood, an outdoor setting would be ideal for this arrangement. A clearing in the woods or just some trees in the back lawn would become a romantic, dreamy spot for reading a book with your favorite snack or for journaling or work on your laptop. This dining/breakfast table set is also perfect for a smaller area whether in the breakfast area, porch or any place you may want to eat breakfast, entertain a few friends, or just have some time for tea or coffee with your spouse. (Other items on table and stools not included)